Why I love the Warrior movie so much

Why I love the Warrior movie so much


Warrior is a man’s movie around a MMA (mixed martial arts) global tournament.  I have to say it’s become my favourite movie for men and my fav movie of 2011 too.

Here’s why I love it so much.

Guys need movies like this.  Movies that deal with guy problems and promote attitudes that men should adopt.  Problems like alcoholism, isolation and estrangement.  Good qualities like fighting for your family, loving your kids and your wife, forgiveness and trust.

I love it because it’s pretty clean.  Very little course language, no sex, some alcohol abuse, no drugs.  Movies like that are hard to find these days… especially ones guys will actually watch.

I love it because it values family.  Families are the cornerstone of society.  Men can become fathers too easily but it takes a change of attitude, lifestyle and selfishness to become a dad.  Dads are really important.  Dads love their kids, spend time with them, discipline them in love and really care for them while providing them with a good role model.

In Warrior we see a dad (Paddy – Nolte) trying to bridge an impossible gap to his sons (Brendan and Tommy) after being absent and abusive as a father when they were younger.

We see Brendan (Joel Edgerton) playing a father who loves his 2 girls and desperately wants to keep his family home.  Tommy (played by Tom Hardy) pledges any winnings from the tournament to a family who lost their dad by his side in Afghanistan next to him in the war.

Fight for family’ and ‘Family is worth fighting for’ are two of the taglines the movie uses in promotions.  I love them!  It’s so true in our pluralistic, anything goes society where the family is under attack from so many sources we need messages like this, in blokey, tough, quality movies men will actually see.

How good is the fighting too?!  Such a good flick.  Watch it with some guys!

View the trailer here.


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