10 Ways to do Exercise without a Gym

10 Ways to do Exercise without a Gym

Check out this great article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the Fitness industry losing it’s way.  It also details plenty of good exercises you can do from home that wont break the budget and will build some strength, increase tone and lose fat.

Here’s a few more:

  1. Go for a 15 minute walk twice a day (or one 30 minute walk).
  2. Take the kids with you. Or your spouse.  Good 1-on-1 time too.
  3. Wash your car by hand (save money too).
  4. Mow your own lawn.  Give the kids a go if they’re old enough (a small break for you!)
  5. Take the stairs.  Park further away. Go the scenic route.
  6. DIY. Renovate, strip wallpaper, paint, tile, clean, mop.  It’s all more calories down the drain.
  7. Play with the kids. Wrestle your boys (daily), play soccer, cricket, tip, barbies (probably just girls), dolls, dancing, running (Josie (2) loves this right now).
  8. Use the Wii’s active games (or PS Move, XBOX Kinect) and get moving.  Try Wii Zumba Fitness Party. That’ll get you moving!
  9. Try adding some strength increasing moves.  Have a go at pushups, situps, dips, chin ups, squats and others.  Start easy, start small and work up.
  10.   Make small lifestyle choices.  Huge changes rarely work.  It’s normally a far better option to start eating better and exercising more gradually.  Try it.

Any other good non-gym exercises you know?


One thought on “10 Ways to do Exercise without a Gym

  1. ive also used: do the household chores with a timer, amazing the workout you can get when running against the clock to hang out washing, clean a bathroom, tidy a loungeroom (especially running up and down stairs to put things away) or vacuum a whole house- added plus the housework gets done in record time 😉

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