Why I love Domestic Blitz so much

Why I love Domestic Blitz so much

Last Sunday night Channel Nine combined 2 of Beck and my favourite shows… The Block and Domesitc Blitz.  We got a little addicted to The Block as we’re (hopefully) getting closer to doing our own renovations soon.

But why does this show pull my heart strings so much?  It’s a truly noble concept to search for a good family in desperate need of being epically blessed and then bless them in such practical means.  The family gets loved on by the show, the viewers and especially the workers, in this case the 8 Block contestants.

It all rushes to an insane, wildly emotional crescendo of elation and overall feel-good-ness when you see what they’ve done to the house of the family in just 2 days while they’ve been blessed with a short holiday.  Get out the Kleenex… you’re going to need them!

Here’s why I love it so much.  Here’s why I want to DO it for other families.  Here’s why:  Because it connects so deeply to the heart of God for us.

Everyone of us is in a pit of craziness that we’ve dug for ourselves through sin.  All the unforgiveness in our heart, our malicious actions towards others, our gossipy talk, laziness and all other sin has left us in total despair and deep with hurt.  These families are like that… perhaps that’s why we identify with them.  They have lost a family member or are about to… or they’ve volunteered for a bazillion hours someplace local and deserve a help out.

The part everyone loves and where the tears force their way out, is at the end of the show when the new parts of the house are being shown to the family.  It’s amazing. Warm. Full of love.  Tears everywhere.  Beautiful.  This is how it should be.

This is how it is… when a person finds Christ. No kidding! They get all their sin washed away, they get a clean slate, a relationship with God who deeply loves them, a spiritual family, a way to grow and live and enjoy life.  They get shown through their new life and they’re in awe and feeling very very loved.

I guess that’s why I like it so much.  Because God looked down on us, as rebellious or distant as we were and decided to create something special and wonderful for us even when we didn’t want it.  When we find it, we love it and we realise we’ve been looking for it all along.


3 thoughts on “Why I love Domestic Blitz so much

  1. HI Darren,

    I just randomly found your blog on the internet today and read your wheel of life– relationships. I was very impressed and think that you know what is going on in life. I’m just curious though, what church are you apart of? You seem to believe a lot of the same things as my church. Just curious! Thanks for your blog!


      1. I am from Salt Lake City Utah, USA. Is Newcastle in Australia? I am apart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. have you heard of it?

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